And the Winner of the Boob Pouch is…!!!!!!

…The contest was, tell me what you would put in your pouch. Kat has declared that Julie N. is the winner with this entry:

My one year old yells into cups and I say heโ€™s saving them for later. As a mother of two who is politically active and cares for lots of kids, I will put silence in the pouch and save it for later. I love silence, and when desperately needed, it so often comes from a boob these days.

Kat told me when I saw her at her at the coffee shop the other day:

i love the silence comment! definitely that is the winner. we all could use quiet.

and then told me to sum up with this:

i loved reading what everyone would put in a pouch – though some of those pouches would take some serious amounts of fabric! it was hard to choose just one winner, but as i have a teenager & a toddler, i think i could use a pouch of quiet. thanks to all who entered the contest, & thanks to heather for letting me take part in the fun. ~peace and love, kat.

Julie N., congratulations! I’m sending you an email so that you can send Kat your snail mail addy directly.

For those of you who are disappointed that you didn’t win the pouch, head on over to Kat’s etsy shop, she is giving a 20% off coupon code for my readers. the code: MAMAIS will be good until the end of october.

I also promised that I would give away two 6 month memberships to my blog, so here goes!

Congratulations to Lorna D. who commented on facebook that inside the pouch she would put:

1.) A smaller pouch filled with googly eyes.
2.) A glue stick.
3.) A sharpie.


and Heidi for this answer:

I would put my family, the beach, and our house. That way we could all stay together at our house on the beach for ever and ever.

Congrats, you won a 6 month membership to my site.

and stay tuned everyone a new contest is coming in a week or so!

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