And the Winner of The Milk of Hathor is….

…I asked you to:

tell me how long you’ve been nursing. How many days, weeks, swallows…you come up with the way to tell me, get creative, be poetic, sing a song, film a movie, add a picture.
You don’t win by nursing the longest, well maybe, but by being my favorite answer.

and the winner is:

Amelia!!!!! for this post:

One blissful snuggle
a dozen cuddles
a thousand tears
fourteen defiances
two perfect triumphs
a million kisses
a handful of sighs
one gradual acceptance

Which adds up to two and a half years of memories.

and of the members of my blog the winner is AshleyB!!!!

for this post:

I have one son, and he’s been nursing longer than baby giraffe does but not yet quite as long as a baby panda. He’s showing no signs of stopping any time soon, though, and if he nursing as long or longer than a baby orangutan, that’s fine with me.

(because it made me laugh a bit too.)

They will both get a copy of The Milk of Hathor in the mail from me, and the next contest will start in a few days!!!

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