It’s that good.

…Happy World Breastfeeding Week!
Here’s a free comic, to kick us off…please share it with a friend, tell them about how great the comics are, and ask them to join. For the next week if you ask a friend to join for three months and you can each sign up for only $5.25 that’s two 3 month memberships for the price of one ($10.50)*

*sign up separately, so you’re both in the system, if you’re buying it as a gift, just enter their name and email addy. Easy as pie. And if you’re already a member, invite a friend and I’ll add 3 months to your membership!


Mama says, “Early induced births are leading to babies who don’t have an organized suck, inductions and c-sections are causing a whole bunch of new mothers to feel like their bodies are incapable of doing what should come naturally. And then the need to work makes it really hard to keep breastfeeding or stay attached.
It’s a wonder anyone even breastfeeds at all.”
baby thinks, “but we still do.”
Mama thinks, “It’s that good.”
Happy World Breastfeeding week!!! …

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