Mama is…Makes No Sense

This is part of a series dealing with a city ordinance in Georgia that exempted breastfeeding in public from nudity laws up to 2 years old. Basically saying that if your baby is over 2 years old, then you’re nude. The city ordinance has since been changed due to the diligent work of the lactivists in that part of the world. Unfortunately many other cities have the same wording in their ordinances…

this comic is part of this series:
Makes no sense
guilty as charged
avert your eyes
and in perspective




Mama asks, “Why, why, why would anyone make it illegal for a two year old to eat?”

Mama asks, “It’s a free country! Toddlers are people! Why?! Huh?”

Paper says, “To cut down on nudity.”

Mama asks, “Nudity? Toddlers nude? This makes no sense!”

Baby says, “Not toddlers, the mothers!”

Mama asks, “The mothers are nude?”

Baby says, “It still makes no sense.”…

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