…I love how they look down when I ask, as if to check…shoes? Why, no, I didn’t bring any shoes. Then they ask, “Why do I need shoes?” I answer, “It’s good practice to have a pair of shoes if you leave the house, you never know what might be out there, waiting. Though bringing them, does not mean you have to wear them. I’m down with a bare foot. Here’s a scenario though, the car breaks down and we pull over into a field of cow dung. We must walk 3 miles through it to the closest farmhouse. The cow dung is thick and sticky and smelly. Would you want a pair of shoes?” To which, of course, I’m told that they could just stay in the car.¬†Especially because it is so stinky.¬†While I go call for help. And why don’t I just use my cellphone? Or eldest daughter’s cellphone, since mine fell out of the window during the drive, I can just use someone else’s. And so on and so forth and yes, KIDS!


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