This was inspired by a series that I did way back in 2008. I had completely forgotten about the series comics until the researcher who had written the original article contacted me this week wanting to use one of the comics in her upcoming book. She was kind enough to send a link and this is the comic: reasoned and measured  You can imagine my surprise when I realized that it was one of the few times that I have resorted to a ‘razzberry’ as a response, I’m usually more eloquent…okay, sometimes more eloquent. I wondered, of course, why the researcher would WANT to publish my comic in her upcoming book (called Militant Lactivism?) but have decided it must be due to my winning personality.  She says I gave her a lot to think about, I’m guessing she means I’m very persuasive. I’m sure that she’s not using Militant Lactivism as a pejorative, and I’m also sure I’m being sarcastic. I’d like to come up with a measured and reasonable response, but alas the link to her work “Marginal Mothers” has been taken down (but I include a link to the robust conversation we had on for you to enjoy. So I can’t even see why it was that I resorted to a razzberry in the first place. So, well, ptbbbth!


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