That Was the Past, Right?

Another one from this news article a friend sent me, here: New Baby Delivery Strategies Help to Cut Health Costs I actually drew this one first, but was so freaked out by the line “a full 39 weeks” that I did that comic and posted it first. I figured you guys would notice if I didn’t mention it right off the top!
There’s more coming! …

this comic is related to this comic: A full 39 weeks


Duck says, “Hear ye! Hear Ye! We of the medical birth community proclaim that we make birth safer…”
Mama says, “Is that you quack?”
Duck: Um….Yeah.
Mama: Last time you were proclaiming that you made birth safer and more awesome, I showed you that your logic was faulty…”
…that the history of medical-ized birth is full of egregious failures and harmful practices!
Duck: ahem, that was ALL in the past.
Mama: Oh REally? what about this?
Duck: gulp.
paper: …inducing early childbirth…created unnecessary risk in newborns.
Mama: seems that all of those early inductions you guys are performing are causing respiratory problems in babies. hmmmm…when was this written? YESTERDAY.
Duck: that was the past, right?

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