The New Mama Chronicles- He’ll Let Me

another New Mama Chronicle. There are many many more, just spent the morning on the phone with one of my mother’s former students…She’s on countdown to her second c-section, husband deployed overseas, wants the baby to come naturally. Trouble is her baby is “too big” and the c-section is planned for 39 weeks, 2 days from now. She had already taken castor oil when she called me this morning, I’m hopeful that all will go well. (I took castor oil with my first two babies, but at about 42 weeks. If all of you can send some healing thoughts to me, I’ll channel them to her…that right there is one of the many reasons why I birth unassisted. 39 weeks. What’s wrong with a trial of labor, a vbac, going 42 weeks? Really, what happened to birth?

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