Told them Years Ago

Okay, so as you can see, this 39 weeks thing has really thrown me for a loop. Got at least four comics out of it so far, and one more to come before I start back with breastfeeding, World Breastfeeding Week is right around the corner!!!! …


mama says, “the average length of a natural pregnancy is 41 weeks but the quacks are inducing women at 39 weeks or sometimes 38 or 37 weeks. What do they think the final two to four weeks are for?”
Mama says, “a La LEche League Leader told me years ago that in the last two weeks the unborn baby develops it’s suck. Take the babies out early and BAM! They’ve undermined Breastfeeding too.”
Random Extra Anonymous Character says,”Hey, you’re being unfair! They’re learning that inductions at 37 and 38 weeks cause respiratory problems!
Mama responds, ” Puh-Lease! I’m not giving anyone kudos for suddenly realizing something that most midwives could have told them years ago!”
Baby thinks, “centuries!”

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