Applebee’s Does it Again (another NIP incident)

The first was way back in 2007, and was written extensively about here: Nationwide Nurse-Ins at Applebee’s Sept. 6, 2007. I did a comic about their solution, they hoped that courtesy blankets would help. I think not.

Now, Applebee’s has done it again. Call me cynical, but I wonder that the time of year is so similar, could they be just looking to get their name in the news? Bad press is still that, press. Or do we get high-profile NIP incidents as a reaction to World Breastfeeding Week? Either way it’s the same restaurant 5 years later.

Breastfeeding Mom, Asked To Nurse In Applebee’s Bathroom and my comic:

is there a nurse-in in your area, search Applebee’s Nurse-In on Facebook and find one!


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