Challenging Temperments

I’m sure you’ve heard about the new study:Breastfed babies show more challenging temperaments, study finds Sheesh. I have been the mother of four exclusively breastfed children and one of their primary personality traits, especially so when they were tiny babies, was being very easy going. One had colic, so she would cry a LOT at night, but the rest were all easy, quiet, happy, and engaging (and my colicky baby was like this when she wasn’t colicky.) I would never ever have described any of them as difficult, temperamental, or challenging. (except the colicky one, sometimes, but that was more my expectations than her way of being, poor baby) So seriously, is it the slinging? The ON DEMAND? What is it about the women in the study that made their experience so different than mine? Most days I never heard a peep out of my babies, perhaps a little grunt to tell me they were hungry, then I just adjusted a wee bit and they were nursing, easy. Of course, I really never put them down. Is that the missing element?

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