King of the Boobi-acs!

Letter reads:
Breastfeeding is Obscene and I’m Outraged By It- Action Committee

Dear Editor,

We’d like to thank you for your recent article Nusing Mothers Don’t Appeal to Everyone, by Thomas Beach that was published in the Wilmington, Delaware News Journal on March 11, 2007. A year ago our organization (Breastfeeding is obscene and I’m outraged by it – Action Committee or BOOBI-AC) sent out an action alert to editors across the country asking them to join with us in ending the societal scourge- breastfeeding.

We are very happy to see that not only did you receive the action alert, but you took it to heart and published an article following our instructions. Because of you committed adherence to the BOOBI-AC talking points, you have scored a perfect score in our monthly “King of the BOOBI-ACS” contest.


enclosed is your score card and your award, please wear it with pride and remember, you did your part to stop the horrific act of feeding babies. Disgusting!

Director of the BOOBI-ACS

Score card reads:
Has the author been deeply traumatized by witnessing a breastfeeding baby? Yes
Did the author put mothers on the defensive? yes
Use scatalogical comparisons? yes
Call mothers names? yes
Toss in breastfeeding puns? yes
Call for segregation? yes

Perfect BOOBI-AC score!

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