New Comic, pick one!

…Hey all,

You’ve probably noticed that new comics are light on the ground (the classics keep coming though!) I’m still making comics and have about 6 that you haven’t seen. I’ve decided to do a little booklet, a zine in a month-ish, that will include the new comics and some old, I’ve also got the first of some ‘volumes’ that I’m working on, this one will be 2006. AND I’m going to do a kickstarter request for funds here shortly, because I’ve got a little project happening with Morgan Gallagher. It’s about being discreet. Shhhhhh, it’s a secret.

But since it’s wednesday and I’m in a mood, I want to post a new comic, but I have six here and I like them all. I’m going to tell you their title and their ‘mood’ and let you pick and I’ll post it this evening.

So, here goes:

I missed you. (sentimental)

Design Plan for Hospitals (outraged)

nursing at breakfast (NIP response)

Simply Amazing (heart warming)

cute at this age (behavioral)

monkey butt (funny)

Pick one and put it in the comments below and most picks win!

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