In my real-world busy-ness, I had a mama mention this comic and it got me to thinking that many of you may not have seen this one, especially as I made it way back in 2005! If you’re new to this here blog, I’ve been making comics since 2001, and at least one a week until I massively slowed down earlier this year. So do the math, that’s like a bajillion comics, right? Well worth the 9.99 a year to become a member, and a free e-book too. As soon as I get the book done, wading through that now (you know what’s hard about writing? the stupid typos:o)

As soon as I finish this newest book: Hathor the Cowgoddess, year 2007 volume 2, I’m going to give you all a special surprise: access to the motherload of Hathor the Cowgoddess comics, every last one of them. Excited? Aren’t you glad you’re a member?

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