The Best Breastfeeding Comic of 2004!

2004 was an interesting year for my breastfeeding comics, for one, I spent a lot of time pregnant and my second daughter weaned about 3 months in. Then, my third daughter had a riotous case of colic that pretty much brought me to my knees and made it near impossible to create comics in which I starred as a super-hero know-it-all, because come to find out, I knew absolutely nothing. I also went through a period where I scanned the comics in a low resolution and so later when I started making books had to go back and scan them all again, something I may almost be done with, finally.

In 2004 I spoke at a La Leche League Conference in North Carolina, I had a comic in Mothering Magazine, and an essay included in the book Mamaphonic; Balancing Motherhood and Other Creative Acts. The year was also noteworthy because I was standing in a circle of women one day and one of them said, “Hey, did you guys see this morning’s Hathor the Cowgoddess comic, I usually don’t like them but this one was pretty good…” All the other women started ahem-ing like crazy trying to shut her up in front of me, and all I could think was, “Dude, someone reads my comics!”

There was also a NIP incident in a Starbucks:

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