The Best Breastfeeding Comic of 2006!

It’s getting harder and harder to pick the Best Breastfeeding comic, because there are so many comics to choose from. I was a comic making machine back in 2006,  I think, something like, 115 comics from that year alone; 100 in 2005, 70 in 2004, 50 in 2003, and 35 in 2002. That’s a lot of comics that you haven’t seen, am I right ladies and gentlemen? And that’s just the first half of my career, looks like you should buy some books ;o)

In 2006 I did a series of monthly Mothering Magazine sponsored chats, I self-published The Milk of Hathor, and my comics appeared in a Swedish magazine called Amningsnytt, Mother Verse Magazine, and a magazine in Finland called Imetysuutisia. Note that I’m HUGE in Scandinavia, odd that. My audience was growing like crazy.


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