The comic that got me banned from Facebook…

for 24 hours, and my response!

The comic was Humanicum Breastfeedicus:

and the next day I created this comic, which is really Humanicum Breastfeedicus, just with all the non-offending parts removed.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the tiny little circle is pretty *inoffensive, but then I was pretty sure that with all the surrounding information it was inoffensive too. Especially since the whole point of the comic was that the little tiny circle shouldn’t be offensive!

I wrote this the day I wasn’t allowed on Facebook:

We were having a lovely discussion too and right in the middle of World Breastfeeding Week, and then BAM! apparently Humanicum Breastfeedicus has a bit too much nipple? I’d like to posit that it’s a hand-drawn nipple, a really small nipple, a black and white nipple, a completely non-sexual nipple, an editorializing nipple, and the-nipple-is-the-whole- point-of-what-I’m-saying- nipple. But, also, damn, I remembered not to post comics with nipples at the beginning of the week and then yesterday forgot, so it’s also an I-forgot-there-was-a-nipple.




Ps. here’s another article about my 24 hour banishment during World Breastfeeding Week:  Facebook vs. Breastfeeding by Jodine Chase

*I originally wrote the above paragraph using the word un-offensive, twice. I generally try to check the grammar and spelling of my posts, but I also appreciate a good bit of casual and poetic laziness. Trouble is, now that the comic is included in the daily beast gallery with a (sic) beside it, well, it doesn’t look poetic, just un-spell-checked. So the proper spelling has replaced the un-proper in the post.

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