This is the 2007 comic that finished my thought process when I came up with the comic, One Word. They were both inspired by this article: Watch Your Language!By Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC which I read way back in 2004. Since then, the language of breastfeeding has gotten even more complicated. It seems like before a lactivist says anything that might promote breastfeeding over formula, they must first say something to the effect of: “I know not everyone can breastfeed…” and “I know some mothers try and try and still can’t” Or else they’ll come across as offensive, or arrogant, or thoughtless. So, we all tiptoe around trying to take into account every single person in our audience and all their different and disparate circumstances, when inside we *know* every single mother could breastfeed if they just had the RIGHT information, and the helpful support, and the best circumstances but… but… then again, we also *know* “everyone who wants to can’t, even though they try and try.” sigh. This language thing is very complicated, but here’s one simple thing we can all do, let’s call breast milk ‘milk’.

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