New Year’s Resolutions, 2013!

This year I will go and buy some Sharpie pens.

This year I will remind the kids that they can’t use my Sharpie pens (especially if they refuse to remember to put the lids back on.)

This year I will remind myself that Sharpie pens are awesome and part of the fun of them are getting all creative and then before you know it you’ve lost track of time and space and reason and in all the excitement forgotten where you laid the cap to the pen and then of course someone wants you to do something else, and what, are you going to not do something else just to look for the lid to the pen? That would be absurd, you’ll go do something else, because you have to, and none of us would have it any other way.

Being reminded, I resolve to put my sharpie pens up higher, where only people who can retain their sense of reason in the face of excitement can reach them.

And I will remember where that is.

Until I get to my resolution this year (is it the 6th already??!!!!!!) I will run through some of the past resolutions. BEST OF!!!

starting in 2003:

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