The Good Morning Poster!

*cartoonist sold separately

Guess what? I have this comic in a glorious full-color poster, signed and delivered to you for only $8 (plus shipping ;o) The size is 12″x18″ which is in inches. If you’re in the EU or Australia (like most of my fans are) the way I write the size should be completely different, but you can probably figure it out. Look at me holding them, it’s that size relative to me, I’m average sized, I hope that helps. In the picture above they are in a plastic bag, I was too excited to take them out to photograph, plus a little worried that somehow I might get chocolate on them. I eat too much chocolate.

They look more like this:

And the guy at the print shop, and a couple of other customers told me they were beautiful.

I considered $15 for them, but I want every mama who wants one to be able to get one, so they’re only $8!

The Good Morning Poster!

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