The Mama Is…Home book just in time for the New Year!

It’s time to Spring plant (Oh wait, my husband just told me that lots of people are still dealing with snow, okay, but the point is SOON it will be time to plant.) It’s also time to think about the way we are, and how we can be better, because it’s January and all is new. Well, the book Mama is… Home; Reflections on Home, Technology, and Babies, Of Course isn’t necessarily new, but it sort of is, because I never gave it a very good send off into the world because my mother passed away about a month after I published and then I didn’t do much talking about the book after that. Lo and behold, two years have almost gone by and the book still hasn’t gotten much of a send off, so here goes.

You know how in your heart you want to do better, be better, but your actions may not always meet up with your self-image? (hopefully it’s not just me!) This book is about all the funny little ways I am bad at this crunchy-granola mama thing – not the AP parts, I’ve got that figured out- but the cooking of good wholesome meals, the urban-gardening, the making of pancakes that my kids actually enjoy (spoiler alert: I’m not really very good at those;o) And I digress a bit (or do I?) into a discussion about my yearly read of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice(spoiler alert:it happens every 20 years;o) But throughout it all are a whole BUNCH of comics about mothering, some that have never been seen on my blog.

If you’re just visiting this blog and want to buy a copy, it comes signed and happily mailed by me, the goddess of moo, and my staff of happy elfs for Only $14.99! BUT, if you want to become a member, only $9.99 a year, you can buy the book for 25% off, which is awesome, I think you’ll agree!

Mama Is…Home; reflections on home, technology, and babies (of course)

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