Prom and other things…

Life today is full of prom plans and playstation plays and marketing novels and puppy training and we are busy with all the big kid things that we do. I’m still in my pajamas so it’s kind of like when they were babies ;o)

A bit of news:

Simply Give Birth is still free today. Go get your copy, it’s worth it, the birth stories are amazing. I’ve given away 275 copies already and am now ranked #1 in Pregnancy & Childbirth books, which is bestseller baby. Thank you.

And a comic:

Simply Give Birth is an e-book now…

You can get a copy of it here:

Simply Give Birth: A Collection of Stories by [Cushman-Dowdee, Heather]

there’s also a paperback if you’re old school:

5 Stars! – “It’s a very good book with very encouraging and inspiring stories. it doesn’t focus on any of the surrounding circumstances, such as midwives or locations, or decisions, just the miraculous act of giving birth. highly recommend, it’s great reading.” – Jazimojo


I hope you enjoy!