Printed Books:

is for sale on amazon, only 13.49!

on amazon, only 18.00!

amazon, only 18.00!

on amazon, only 18.00!

is available on Amazon, only $8.99!

 is for sale here (signed by me), only 7.99!

More added all the time, just search my name!

Digital Books:

Simply Give Birth is for sale for the iPad, only 9.99

Hathor the Cowgoddess, Year 2007 Volume 1 is now for sale on Kindle and iPad for only 1.99!

Free Gifts of Formula and Other Unsavory Things (a small book of Hathor the Cowgoddess and Mama Is…comics about the marketing practices of the Infant Formula manufacturers, phew!) is for sale on Kindle and iPad, only .99!

more coming so stay tuned!

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