March 31, is my youngest child’s birthday, he’s 3. THREE! wow, seems like only yesterday I pushed him out of my wazoo. Good times.

I’m going out of town, but will load some of the birth comics when I get back to celebrate.

Hathor asks: Try to strap you into a seat?

baby answers: Stiff as a board. Struggle. yell.

Hathor asks: Put something you don’t want in your mouth?
Baby answers: Clamp it shut. turn. freak out.
hathor asks: Pick you up against your will?
baby answers: go limp. drop to floor. escape.
hathor asks: put clothes on you?
baby answers: take them off. throw them. even if it’s cold.

Hathor asks: So you’re almost two, huh?
baby answers: I like to think I’m anti-authoritarian.
hathor asks: And I’m the authority?
baby says: I just call it like I see it.

Candy Quandary


Capitalist Experts agree that today’s parents should just learn to say ‘no.’ Now, a candy commercial…
Kids in candy aisle: Please! Please! Oh pretty please!
Hathor thinks: No. But…
Hathor thinks: They HAD a good breakfast…will ruin lunch…I want them to be happy…never reward with sugar…once in a while is okay…but if i do it once…they’ll eat it and beg for more…I ate lots and I’m fine…
Hathor thinks: Biut if I buy it the corporations win… but I’ve said no too many times today…got to protect their body…
Kids say: She’s in a candy quandary let’s put it in our cart.
baby thinks: Me want candy! me want candy!