BOOBI summer

The second of a series of letters I wrote posing as the organization Breastfeeding is Obscene and i’m Outraged By It! this from 2007.


From: B.0.0.B.9.- ACTION LEAGUE

To: Newspaper Editors all over, USA.

Dear Editor,

It’s that time of year again, school’s out and the temperatures are sky-rocketing and our president is committing impeachable offenses just about daily… so it dawned on us that you need a distraction, and Quick! What you need is to run articles about a cultural scourge: Breastfeeding in Public. I guarantee that you can’t lose with an article that has the word ‘breast’ in it during a long, hot, summer.

All you need is an opinionated writer (it helps add authenticity if the writer is a mom, but its not necessary) and outrage. I mean, how DARE these mothers feed their babies in public?!

Other newspapers that have used these articles to distract from the real news of the day take it one step further and make it FUN by calling mothers words like: nazis, harlots, obscene, sexless, lazy, ludicrous, and neurotic. So, get creative!

And finally, don’t worry about any retribution for these articles, the exhibitionist (see! Fun word!) moms are usually stay-at-home mothers, they’re too busy and powerless to be any real threat. So bash away! And thank you for furthering our agenda.

the BOOBI- action league
Breastfeeding is Obscene and we’re Outraged By It…

do hard things, yes!

I’m looking through my comics for one about the breastfeeding-smile and having trouble finding one, could I not have drawn it before? Why would I have left that out of the experience? Looks like I know what I’m drawing tonight ;o) …


A reader just asked me if I have any comics that capture that milky smile, on the breast that babies love to do and we so love to see…so I’m digging through old comics looking for…something.

You may also notice that I’ve changed a few things, all domains lead to one now, it’s Or Or Or they should all get you here. I couldn’t decide so I own them all. It’s a little hoarder-y, but all the same, you’ll get here….