Clean Jar

…Sorry, a few days late for World Water Day!


Hathor: Introducing! The All New Drinking-Water carrying system…A CLEAN JAR!

Just wash out that salsa jar, soak off the label, fill it with tap water and voila!

Oldest daughter: Cheap and Easy!

Youngest daughter: cool and yummy!

70 Million 69,999,996 plastic bottles of water emptied and tossed away EVERY DAY in America!…

Mommy needed to nurse


Hathor thinks: Isn’t it overly warm today? Is this global warming? What’s going on with this world? Why doesn’t anyone seem to notice? Is it true that the deep ocean has 6 times more plastic than plankton? and shouldn’t someone be doing something about it? But how can we even think about it when we’ve got wars to stop? And economies collapsing? And why can’t I buy a home? And why is gas so expensive and is this really the end of oil? If it si, should i buy a bike? And a farm? Should I get some chickens? Remember what happened to my fish? That was a disaster, wasn’t it? Man, that was yucky, was the water too warm?

Baby climbs into Hathor’s lap, pulls up her shirt and…

Inhaling, Inhaling, Inhaling

Hathor says: Thanks Baby! Mommy needed to nurse.
Baby thinks: That’s so silly!
Baby Says: hee hee! Mommies don’t nurse!


There’s a stage, and an audience. the stage has the word INDEPENDENCE on it. The audience is applauding and saying, “yeah!” “wow!” “Absolutely!” and “It’s the Way!”
Hathor says, “uh huh, yeah sure”

Hathor adds the term INTER to the front of DEPENDENCE
The audience says, “Hey, down in front.” and “Don’t mess with the word!” and “What the…?” and “this is confusing…!”

Hathor says, “Hey mainstreamers, exalt this!” and reveals the word INTERDEPENDENCE.

The audience says, “But what about MY needs?” and “Is this even legal?”

Good “Happy FaceBook Nurse-IN” Morning!

…In Honor of today’s Facebook Nurse-In, Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene! (Official petition to Facebook) and FB! Stop harassing Emma Kwasnica over her breastfeeding pics and nursing mothers everywhere, I’m posting a comic every hour for 24 hours. I started at midnight and posted 7 here while I was sleeping, how’s that for magical? YOu know what else happened while I was sleeping? Protests in front of Facebook headquarters in London, Madrid, Dublin, here’s pics: Global Protest PicturesNow I’m awake and will be posting directly to my Facebook page, please come and check it out! and don’t forget to add a breast-feeding photo to your profile picture! …