Work/Life Balance.

…This comic is based on this article: the 23 best countries for work life balance, we are number 23 I literally had a HUH? moment. I get that women need and want to work outside of the home, while being moms, for a variety of different reasons. I’m not complaining about women who work or have careers, at least not here, and never in such a broad way. I’m complaining that this study is saying that work and leisure time create balance (in men and childless women, apparently), but that women who have children and are working outside of the home are also creating ‘balance’. Are they saying that mothering is something to put on a shelf while you get on with your work/life balance? Or that women are so good at multitasking that they can do three things: mothering, working full time AND getting leisure time balance? OR are they saying that working mothers just don’t need leisure time?

Can we get back to that place where being a mother/teacher/homemaker was considered enough of a job to warrant respect? Because if we could get back to that place then we could consider ways to empower women who choose that life path, we could help them to have the power, control, and means to survive in this world. Let’s do that. I have girls, I want them to have choices.

Head Hurts

¬†True thing my daughter said to me, I was grateful she waited to read until she was old enough to use her ‘filters’. She read by 8 and now at 14 reads voraciously, anything she can get her hands on…speaking of books, the newest book I’m reading is The Dirty Life: (thanks Rommi!) It’s really good…so far ;o)…


…are you doing them? You know, to exercise your katys? hee hee. If someone is going to have naming rights to parts of our body, let it at least be a woman! And get going on your squats, I’m doing a bunch! Maybe not so many today, it’s my birthday and I’m going on a bike ride (on my new bike, thanks dad!) First, I’m off to have an omelette and some earl grey, then I’m going to the beach for a bike ride, then to Wahoo’s Fish Tacos for lunch and then Becker’s Bakery to pick up the cake and then Yes! Cake and then opening presents….full day, huh?