In my real-world busy-ness, I had a mama mention this comic and it got me to thinking that many of you may not have seen this one, especially as I made it way back in 2005! If you’re new to this here blog, I’ve been making comics since 2001, and at least one a week until I massively slowed down earlier this year. So do the math, that’s like a bajillion comics, right? Well worth the 9.99 a year to become a member, and a free e-book too. As soon as I get the book done, wading through that now (you know what’s hard about writing? the stupid typos:o)

As soon as I finish this newest book: Hathor the Cowgoddess, year 2007 volume 2, I’m going to give you all a special surprise: access to the motherload of Hathor the Cowgoddess comics, every last one of them. Excited? Aren’t you glad you’re a member?

Sniffing In

I started work on the second volume of 2007 comics (e-book). The first is for sale here: Wait, where did it go? Oh man, my page listing all my books for sale has been broken, seriously? I have got to fire my tech guy. Of course the tech guy is just me and my spectacularly casual knowledge of anything tech-y. I’m headed in to fix the page…My super-kaflooey page seems to be broken and no matter how I crank the handle I can’t fix it, so I created a books post with some duct tape and spittle and now can move on to what I was talking about before…what was it…? How about a comic from 2007?

Applebee’s Does it Again (another NIP incident)

The first was way back in 2007, and was written extensively about here: Nationwide Nurse-Ins at Applebee’s Sept. 6, 2007. I did a comic about their solution, they hoped that courtesy blankets would help. I think not.

Now, Applebee’s has done it again. Call me cynical, but I wonder that the time of year is so similar, could they be just looking to get their name in the news? Bad press is still that, press. Or do we get high-profile NIP incidents as a reaction to World Breastfeeding Week? Either way it’s the same restaurant 5 years later.

Breastfeeding Mom, Asked To Nurse In Applebee’s Bathroom and my comic:

is there a nurse-in in your area, search Applebee’s Nurse-In on Facebook and find one!


Another un-school-y comic, my mother’s favorite.

My mother loved this one, she was a teacher and printed this out and kept it on her refrigerator. I used to tease her that she liked it because it was one of the few ones she could actually show in her classes. She would just laugh, because it was so true, I’m prone to the inappropriate, as you know ;o)