Parenting Expert Bite!

Hathor: One of the things that drives me CRAZY about co-sleeping naysayers is that…They act as if the onus is ours to prove, that co-sleeping is okay.

Hathor: As if the history of mankind, the creation of man, the evolution of mammals, and the majority of mamas and babies all over the world aren’t. proof. enough. SHEESH! Humph! Good NIGHT!

Baby: Sleep tight! Don’t let the dumb ‘ol parenting expert bite….

Should I buy a Co-Sleeper?

…Another how-to co-sleep idea, note though that even with all that real-estate mom still sleeps on a crack. But, with everything else about being a breastfeeding mom being so wonderful, I figure the crack is there to keep it ‘real’. Either that, or it’s something I can complain about to my therapist during my empty nest years ;o) I’m guessing that in my empty nest years that all memories will be good memories, even the crack.

Asinine Exaggeration Planet

…Hey all, here’s a first response to the Milwaukee public service announcement (you know the one ;o) Okay, if you haven’t seen it yet: nope. wait. I went and looked for a link to give you and every one of the articles is so asinine I just refuse to link to them. The trouble is, they’re listing every death where the baby is asleep and not in a crib. They’ve had 10 this year in Milwaukee and from the looks of it none of them were actually beside a breastfeeding mother. (love it if you can find some real statistics on this.) If the baby was asleep beside Grandma after a hit of morphine (no kidding) that’s a co-sleeping death. Grrrrrrrrrrr. So anyway, here we go: