C-Sections For Everyone!

The is from a discussion Dr. Lisa and Jillian had on the Doctors the other day. Which is worse, Natural Birth or Cesarean? This is not a show I generally watch, they would need a holistic crunchy-granola healer and a midwife added to their cast to make it close to palatable for me. I’m thinking the odds of that happening are nil. And frankly, when I heard the name Dr. Lisa was bad-mouthing natural birth I thought everyone was talking about another Dr. Who-Will-Not-Be-Named who is prone to the same thing, so come to find out there’s two. Which means they’re multiplying, like a horror movie.

Great Placenta Traveling Show!

…This is one of those moments where I wish my phone was ‘smart’ so I could take a photo of my freezer and you could count how many placentas are in there. AND note how little freezer space that leaves me ;o) Trouble is, I keep thinking we may buy a house someday, with that in my future why would I plant my placentas in a rental yard? But, home ownership still looks like it’s far far away, so for now I’ll plant the placentas in something I do own, a refrigerator. Please don’t forget to look at the contest-give-away I’m having about papayas! Look below, on the right, the picture of the mango thingies. Yep, contest. Tell your friends, win a membership!!!!!


…Another comic from November 2006…two years after the birth of my third daughter ;o)

Jimminy cricket, I think it might still be in my freezer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…