Public Bus

This story caught fire in the UK a couple of years ago and then was quickly debunked. So what REALLY happened to the mother who claimed bus driver ordered her off for breastfeeding? Apparently a case of a woman wanting a little of the ‘persecuted’ limelight, it was a complicated and sad story, that really could have happened, HAS happened in many different ways, just not THIS time. Oh wait, here’s one: Mom kicked off bus for breast feeding hosting ‘nurse-in’ demonstration See, I told you ;o)

Monkey Butt!

…The winner of the reader’s choice comic for this week is Monkey Butt! Enjoy!


Here’s the problem:
toddler +dirty diaper+control issues = rash!

solution: a bath

simple right?

Baby says: NO!
Try threats? or Logic? no, try a game!

Fill tub with toys, put water level just under the knees, and let baby just STAND there. Fun!
Then! distract child and throw coins in the bottom of the tub


Tune in next month when I finally figure out how to wash baby’s hair.