The Good Morning Poster!

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Guess what? I have this comic in a glorious full-color poster, signed and delivered to you for only $8 (plus shipping ;o) The size is 12″x18″ which is in inches. If you’re in the EU or Australia (like most of my fans are) the way I write the size should be completely different, but you can probably figure it out. Look at me holding them, it’s that size relative to me, I’m average sized, I hope that helps. In the picture above they are in a plastic bag, I was too excited to take them out to photograph, plus a little worried that somehow I might get chocolate on them. I eat too much chocolate.

They look more like this:

And the guy at the print shop, and a couple of other customers told me they were beautiful.

I considered $15 for them, but I want every mama who wants one to be able to get one, so they’re only $8!

The Good Morning Poster!

Ill Wind

I have some google alerts set to notify me whenever stories about breastfeeding come up, and lo and behold, a week or so ago, all were abuzz about the rates of breastfeeding. They’ve gone up! And now, in the US, high on the victory of rates going up, the governmental organizations in charge of health are all thinking of ways to keep the rates going up. Imagine! A world where all babies get at least a taste of breast milk! It seems like it’s only a step away…

Yet, the cynic in me knew it would only be a day or two and then, yes, of course, the google news alerts suddenly changed to: Is breast really best? and The Debate Rages, is Breastfeeding all it’s been made to Be? I’d link, but sigh, I don’t wanna. I saw it coming, and it did. So here’s a comic about it.

And guess what? Couple of things in the news right now had me sketching plans for SIX new comics, that’s one almost every day for a what, a week? This is the perfect time to sign up to be a member! Only $9.99!

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I Like Bacon

This is a true conversation I had with my little guy the other morning, and I’ll say again, if you wean before they’re verbal, you miss out on hearing exactly what they think about your milk, and it won’t be insults, I promise. Gwynnie told me it tasted like flowers, Ean thinks it’s better than bacon, I could listen to them compliment it all day. Their opinion on the dinner I cooked last night though? I’d rather NOT hear that, heard enough complaints already to last me a lifetime. I know, I know, I get it, I’m a terrible cook. Last night was leftover night and I managed to burn the bean stew, the pizza, but happily the lasagna was unscathed. (note though, that the style of leftovers meant that at one point this week I made lasagna, pizza, and bean stew, my heart is in the right place, at least;o) Dear Husband, in reply to “what would you like?” said, “whatever isn’t burnt.” yep, I appreciate the compliments on my milk, it is one thing I do well.

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Good Morning!

My little guy wants to nurse all morning before we get up. It’s not really about the nursing, I think, he only nurses at night now and doesn’t need it at all during the day, but the last few mornings he has just wanted to dawdle in bed nursing as long as I can or am willing to do it. Which I’m willing to do for a pretty long time, and mostly not frustrated. I’m doing my best to just accept that I’m probably going to be late to all the very important places that I have to get to, because I know in my heart that I’m counting down the days until he weans, days, maybe months, but probably days, people.

There was that glorious moment in 2012 when I thought maybe he might nurse forever, hey, Mayim Bialik’s baby was going to, and Jamie Lynn’s baby was going to. But then their babies went and weaned to the amazement of the multitudes, and all my hopes have been dashed. Oh, you didn’t hear? Yes, the babies that the world thought might never quit nursing did, surprise! Mayim Bialik weans her four year old son! and probably don’t read this article, it’s probably not that great, It’s just here to show that it made international news ;o)

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