Mommy Morning

This is the first comic I’ve done that admits to the new life-change we’ve had around here, something that is difficult for me to admit, and really I wish that I could just pretend it’s not happening, but here it is, and probably not for the first time. You may have guessed it, but if not, here goes: I have a teenager. And not a cusp of their teens-ager, either, but a complete and total ‘smack-dab in the middle of it’, teenager. And you know what? So far it’s really fun. Even when I complain about staying up to see her off to her midnight movie, I wouldn’t trade a minute of any of it. I’m not really regretting the nighttime parenting either, maybe it’s because it’s such a crucial part of parenting, and perhaps I’m well-trained by now by all the babies to know that parenting doesn’t end when the sun goes down, but probably it’s because I really like spending time with these guys, even at 3:30 am, even when I’m exhausted. On and on the clock ticks, wake-up mommy, smile, make some coffee, it’s a lovely time of your life.

and in case you’re wondering what midnight movie my first daughter went to see? Rocky Horror Picture Show, yep, fun!

Yes, there will be a new 2013 calendar again this year!

It will be more bare-bones than usual, just the comics, not all the extra stuff, but a little bit cheaper too!

If you’re in the US, it’s only $12 with free shipping: Here

If you’re any where else in the world it’s only $10 with $4 shipping: Here

I haven’t completely finished them yet, but if you want it for Christmas I’ll do my absolute best to get it there on time!




A new comic, from a recent exchange, and it went kind of like this, but not in person, and no, she didn’t accuse me of being judgmental, but her body language and stuttering said it all. When you know that someone has planned to breastfeed and then you see them (months later) out and about with a bottle of formula, what do you say? Do you have something wise at-the-ready? ¬†Or do you change the subject and talk about the weather? Do you feel judgmental, or helpful (and is helpful just another side of the judgmental coin?), or outraged, or resigned?