Yes, there will be a new 2013 calendar again this year!

It will be more bare-bones than usual, just the comics, not all the extra stuff, but a little bit cheaper too!

If you’re in the US, it’s only $12 with free shipping: Here

If you’re any where else in the world it’s only $10 with $4 shipping: Here

I haven’t completely finished them yet, but if you want it for Christmas I’ll do my absolute best to get it there on time!




A new comic, from a recent exchange, and it went kind of like this, but not in person, and no, she didn’t accuse me of being judgmental, but her body language and stuttering said it all. When you know that someone has planned to breastfeed and then you see them (months later) out and about with a bottle of formula, what do you say? Do you have something wise at-the-ready?  Or do you change the subject and talk about the weather? Do you feel judgmental, or helpful (and is helpful just another side of the judgmental coin?), or outraged, or resigned?

Good Morning!

We’ve been watching and listening to Pink a lot here, (if you’re pretty new here, I have a 15 year old daughter, yes, I am that old) I’m a pretty new convert to Pink (and other pop girls, I mostly find myself listening to angry-ish punk rock, grungy alternative antique heroes, and perhaps too much guitar folk sung from a crooning guy who was awesome enough to make a childhood favorite cartoon monkey become hip, or at least hip enough), it took seeing Pink breastfeeding in public to really win me over. Here, for instance. And then yesterday I watched this four times: Pink live  at the American Music Awards. Now I’m a huge fan. So, really, with all the Pink playing around here, it should have been no surprise this morning, when my littlest guy, at three years old, in his cutie-pie baby voice started singing, “…I’ve had a shit day, you’ve had a shit day, give me one last kiss…” So I kissed him. And I didn’t even let him see me laugh.

I worked for a few hours yesterday on my new book, it’s called Star Farm, and it’s a little bit off topic. But not much, if you’ve been paying attention ;o) It’s been a bit of a passion for me, so I haven’t done much else, but wait! Here’s a new comic! See, you guys thought I had forgot how to do that, but Surprise! …