Publish A Comic!

Hey Editors!

(and mamas and leaders and anyone else)!!!

HATHOR and Mama-Is comics are available for reprinting, It’s true! Oh so true!

Here’s how it works…
All of my comics are available for reprinting.

Reprint fees are based on a sliding scale: that is, pay me whatever you think is fair for a publication of your size.

Consider these guidelines:

* Local publications: $10-$25 per cartoon.

* National publications: $25-$200 per cartoon.

* Commercial websites or large non-profit sites: $25-$150 per cartoon.

* Personal websites, Facebook pages, sharing with friends, small non-profit activist propaganda: In other words, spontaneous uprisings of people agitating for things like peace, breastfeeding rights, homebirthing, and so forth that need cartoons to liven up their message: $1-$5  so that I can make a little moolah on the deal.


Also, and always, please don’t forget to link to me, this here goddess-y site is

Donate what you can afford below and then just e-mail me for the specs you need mama at mamaiscomic dot com

* For vanity’s sake, I’d love a contributor’s copy of your publication, if possible. Ask me for my
address, let’s pretend like it’s a present! Goddesses LOVE presents!

Of course, you can ignore the above – I’ll accept most offers of $5 or above.

To request a cartoon for reprinting, contact me below…and include:

* The name and/or date of the cartoon you’d like to reprint (see the archives).

* How much you paid and the e-mail addy that you paid with (so I can keep track).

* Preferred file format and resolution: Preferably, files for printing would be 600dpi TIFFS,
but if you prefer another resolution or file format (say, 300dpi jpegs), just let me know.
I’ll email you a print-quality image of the cartoon right away. I highly recommend against
printing from the images available online; those images are set at only 72 dots per inch, and
will print “fuzzy” and “bitmappy.”

* Any other information you want me to know.

Love and happy Cowgoddessness!

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