Total Access



Mama: I can’t believe I never made this before!
Just put it on your middle and voila!
EVERY shirt is a nursing shirt! and, with a little alteration…
Your shirt is perfect for breastfeeding too!
baby thinks: No up and down just total access!

daughter asks: How did she manage before?


…From a new friend:

I think I once saw one of your comics, where the mother is opening her shirt to feed baby, and it shows what’s going on in baby’s mind, and it ends with ‘how long does it take to open a shirt??’ or something close to that. Do I have the right website?
Thank you, Sheva


You two meet?

Mama says: hello nice to meet you, my name is…

nursing baby thinks: Oh is there someone new to meet?
mama says: Uh.
Baby thinks: Hello! I’m sociable!!!
Mama says: and this is my breas…er, um, baby.
baby thinks: did you two meet?…

900 Points

News: Study shows more breastfeeding could save 900 babies a year... mama says: seeing it spelled out really makes the point, or rather 900 points. babes thinks: whereas 1 point should be plenty.