Kochie’s Pro-Breastfeeding Present

Due to the fact that this is happening right now in the news, I decided to make this comic public. If you’re new to this blog, it’s members-only to see the comics (usually) and only costs $9.99 for the whole entire year and guess what? I’ve done over 700 comics about breastfeeding, homebirth, and other attachment parenting issues. Joining is inexpensive and you get cool free things, like pdfs of books before they’re released and 25% off coupons! It pays for itself is what I’m saying!

So, here’s the deal, David Koch of the Sunrise morning show in Australia, certainly stuck his foot in his mouth when talking about how breastfeeding mothers should be discreet, and then his apology keeps making it worse. See for yourself:

TV’s Kochie faces Mother of All Protests Over Breastfeeding Row and Seven Sunrise in Damage Control over Rally There’s lots more, including an editorial he wrote in which he expresses dismay over the reaction to his words, I mean come on, he’s the biggest supporter of breastfeeding in the world, he just wants women to be ‘classy’. indeed. So in this comic, Kochie gives breastfeeding moms a present, because he’s such a big supporter, enjoy!!!!


I was reminded of this the other day, so thought to post it. This NEVER happens to me anymore, my little guy is three and a half, and only ever wants to nurse at night. It’s gotten so that I was able to throw out my old, ragged, holey (holy!) breastfeeding bras and replace them with non-functioning though pretty and perky bras. Now these new bras have an issue, if I try and nurse OVER them I get a raging  breast infection, and as I just noted my little guy only nurses at night, so the best solution to a breast infection, nursing, isn’t really that helpful. So I can’t go over the bra. I did figure out that I could pull the bra up, wire unders and all, so that it lays across my chest. My little guy protests though saying, “mommy I don’t like it all wapped around like that on top of my head.” Yes, indeed. So, and of course it’s the sensible route, I just take my bra off and go without somewhere around dinner time, and then as long as my bra is off, I might as well get in pajamas. It’s really a time saver, to get into your pajamas at about 6 o’clock in the evening, and clearly announces to the world that you’re completely done for the day. Speaking of time savers, we’re back to the comic: