Mr. YouTube

…Today is the Facebook nurse in/protest. I can’t go to any of the protests in person, so I’m doing my part by posting a breastfeeding in public focused comic every hour, all day long…this is from 2007, a similar situation with YouTube…comic #2


Hathor asks, “Mr. YouTube? I’d like to ask you, and FaceBook and MySpace some questions about your policy, the one where you won’t show images of babies eating?

Mr. YouTube: yes?

Hathor: Can kids eat on camera? a six year old?

Mr. YouTube:Well, I don’t know about that.

Hathor:What about formula? Can a baby drink from a bottle on camera? or is it the Breasts? Is it all breasts?

Mr. YouTube: I don’t know, um…I think, no, um Uh…

Hathor: What about tiny breasts? male breasts? Is it because they’re round? Have you got something against circles? Have you considered that you might have ‘issues?” That maybe you need to speak to someone? Get help? Possibly rest?

Mr. YouTube:I’d like to speak to my psych…um er, lawyer, please.