Good Morning!

My little guy wants to nurse all morning before we get up. It’s not really about the nursing, I think, he only nurses at night now and doesn’t need it at all during the day, but the last few mornings he has just wanted to dawdle in bed nursing as long as I can or am willing to do it. Which I’m willing to do for a pretty long time, and mostly not frustrated. I’m doing my best to just accept that I’m probably going to be late to all the very important places that I have to get to, because I know in my heart that I’m counting down the days until he weans, days, maybe months, but probably days, people.

There was that glorious moment in 2012 when I thought maybe he might nurse forever, hey, Mayim Bialik’s baby was going to, and Jamie Lynn’s baby was going to. But then their babies went and weaned to the amazement of the multitudes, and all my hopes have been dashed. Oh, you didn’t hear? Yes, the babies that the world thought might never quit nursing did, surprise! Mayim Bialik weans her four year old son! and probably don’t read this article, it’s probably not that great, It’s just here to show that it made international news ;o)

But here’s a comic, a valentine’s day-ish one. How about someone out there sponsor it to the Facebook minions (read below for details!)



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OB Conference

This is, of course, an imagined conference. I’m sure if big OB conferences happen they don’t have cartoonists give speeches, or “facilitate dialogues”, or rabble rouse. But, wouldn’t it be cool to ask them en masse, is a 100% cesarean rate the goal? really?

C-Sections For Everyone!

The is from a discussion Dr. Lisa and Jillian had on the Doctors the other day. Which is worse, Natural Birth or Cesarean? This is not a show I generally watch, they would need a holistic crunchy-granola healer and a midwife added to their cast to make it close to palatable for me. I’m thinking the odds of that happening are nil. And frankly, when I heard the name Dr. Lisa was bad-mouthing natural birth I thought everyone was talking about another Dr. Who-Will-Not-Be-Named who is prone to the same thing, so come to find out there’s two. Which means they’re multiplying, like a horror movie.