Boogie Woogie

…We’re in the long hot days of summer and I’m posting a series of comics about play, dance, having a good time with our kids, this one is from 2005, this is a great idea while you’re at the grocery store, but seriously, why are you at the grocery store? Head outside mama!


My mother LOVED this comic. I think it was her favorite of all time. She was a school teacher, and though she knew that I was an unschooler, she still held a belief that I must have a curriculum somewhere. I think this comic met that desire for her, but also clued her in to what she actually did know, that curriculum is about sometimes splashing in the bubbles. She printed this out and used to take it to school with her, I think, If I’m not mistaken that at least one of her former students is a fan now.

I certainly miss her, and today, August 11, is the six month anniversary of her death. Love you mom!

Avert Your Eyes!

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Last we left Mama, she was stripping to her all powerful bareness in protest of idiot lawmakers who liken breastfeeding to nudity. This was the last comic:

So running with that thought, here we go!

Love you much!

this comic is part of this series:
Makes no sense
guilty as charged
avert your eyes
and in perspective




Mama counts, “and a 1,2,3 …”

snap, snap, dancing.

Mama says, “Avert your eyes”

Mama says, “There’s so much power”

Mama says, “In these gals, that i expect the world will explode any minute.”

Mama says, “but probably not.”

Baby thinks, “I need some shake!”



Eldest Daughter says, “You are being a butthead! And if you don’t stop I’m gonna put you in time out!”

Hathor thinks, “The ultimate test of one’s principles is to have your superior might challenged by someone so small.”

Baby thinks, “She’s right. You were being a butthead.”


“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” -Gandhi


Make your own: Mommy Meditation Motto

All you need:





Decorate with glitter, paint and rhinestones. You are a goddess, after all.