Day Care Fee

This is the original story from way back in 2007. The story behind the daycare bill I’m thrilled that the story is still there. Life was simpler then, we used to ‘surf’ the internet looking for ‘news’ articles about our favorite subjects. We would pass the information to each other by email. Unlike now when everything you think you might need to know is on Facebook, and that’s it with it. Sigh, I hate Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, have you liked my page yet? I’m super duper close to 3000 likes. That’s when I win a puppy. A really cute puppy.

What’s that? No puppy? Stupid Facebook.


Daycare Bill

Weekly fee-
Average care (1 child)+ $125.00
Extra Breastfeeding Fee*= $50.00
*extra breastfeeding fee includes the special rental fee of small space within refrigerator that’s kept down the hall; charge for more paces of employees to special separate refrigerator; printing charges for ‘biohazard’ stickers for special separate bottles and related fees for peeling, sticking, later removal and reapplication of ‘biohazard stickers; and extra ‘hazard’ pay for daycare employees who have an unwarranted feeling of ‘ickiness’ just being around breast milk, much less HANDLING it. With gloves. Oh yeah, and gloves cost extra too.

baby thinks: Biohazard stickers? Humph!
Hathor says: They’re not even pretending to be supportive, this is open hostility!