Hello all, Since we’ve just celebrated cartoonist day (if you had one of my calendars you would know! ;o), and I made $35 last month on this whole. entire. enterprise. I thought maybe I could tell you a little bit about the ways that I can make money. If you’ve been with me a while you’ve seen the many many things I’ve tried to make a little cash-ola. Here’s what has stuck:

You can advertise with my site. click on the right side-bar on the blogads link. There’s two, if you are a big company go with the top link, if you are a small shop, go for the bottom link. But hey, that’s up to you, t’would be nice to have some ads there. Whatever.

Bottom right is my Kachingle link, if you haven’t heard about Kachingle yet, you pay a ‘subscription’ of $5 a month, they divide that $5 up between your visited sites and so at the end of the month I get a little portion of your $5. It’s easy, painless, and not only do you give me a little cash, you can also give your other favorite cartoonists a little cash too. Oh what’s that? I’M your only favorite cartoonist?

Then you’ll probably want to go with option number 3, bottom left hand side, my donation button.

Want something for that moolah? Send me A donation of $5 or more and you can post one of my comics on your Facebook page, that’s awesome, huh? (just link to me ;o)

And please don’t forget the shop full of clothes and books and other stuff for sale.

And did you hear? I just released my first ever kindle book:

Thanks for listening, enjoy the comics, more fun stuff is comin’soon!

See, that was easy! …