working on books!

I have two books that are in production right now, one is a must finish, the second of the volumes of 2007 comics, it’s halfway done and should be finished any day now, should. Trouble is, years ago I wrote a short novel, really a novella, oh, who am I kidding, a novelette. It needed some mad, practically epic, editing, which I started doing, because that’s where my head wanted to be, that part was fun. I want to add a bit more to it, there’s a couple of holes in the plot that I want to work out, and I tossed around the idea of turning the whole shebang into a graphic novel. That would be really cool, I think, probably. But fifty pages of graphic novel, can I do it? Do I have the stamina? The capabilities? Should I just throw it into a book form and call it a day? I’m trying to decide and am carrying the manuscript around with me, pulling it out and reading it occasionally, I must make up my mind, soon. And in the meantime, shouldn’t I be finishing the second volume of 2007 comics, mustn’t I?

Here’s the good news, as members, when that Novella/graphic novel/novelette is done, you’ll get to read it first, promise. As soon as it heads to the printers, I’ll send you a download button, ’cause you’re the best, I adore you, and appreciate you signing up.

This comic is from 2010…enjoy!

Breastfeeding IS Feminism

a second comic that I did over the weekend and posted on the Facebook page. Enjoy!

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This comic was about Linda Hirshman and her book from 2006: Get To Work. Indeed, as if we don’t work enough already, of course, she means PAID work, within a capitalist system. sigh.


superdad: She says that an “education competent adult’s place is in the office. ”
Hathor: Yeah, sure. I heard.
superdad: Isn’t that the kind of thing that totally pisses you off?
Hathor: Nope.
hathor: You see, she wants women to join the existing power structure. I’d weather resist, to live outside of the mainstream, to shake the foundations and topple the existing power structure.
baby thinks: truth to power!
Superdad says: so it doesn’t bother you that she says…
You’re wasting your education? and your life isn’t complicated enough?
Hathor: Oh, don’t get me wrong!
she’s got ‘not so much brain as earwax!” that’s shakespeare, see? I AM using my education!