Ill Wind

I have some google alerts set to notify me whenever stories about breastfeeding come up, and lo and behold, a week or so ago, all were abuzz about the rates of breastfeeding. They’ve gone up! And now, in the US, high on the victory of rates going up, the governmental organizations in charge of health are all thinking of ways to keep the rates going up. Imagine! A world where all babies get at least a taste of breast milk! It seems like it’s only a step away…

Yet, the cynic in me knew it would only be a day or two and then, yes, of course, the google news alerts suddenly changed to: Is breast really best? and The Debate Rages, is Breastfeeding all it’s been made to Be? I’d link, but sigh, I don’t wanna. I saw it coming, and it did. So here’s a comic about it.

And guess what? Couple of things in the news right now had me sketching plans for SIX new comics, that’s one almost every day for a what, a week? This is the perfect time to sign up to be a member! Only $9.99!

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A new comic, from a recent exchange, and it went kind of like this, but not in person, and no, she didn’t accuse me of being judgmental, but her body language and stuttering said it all. When you know that someone has planned to breastfeed and then you see them (months later) out and about with a bottle of formula, what do you say? Do you have something wise at-the-ready?  Or do you change the subject and talk about the weather? Do you feel judgmental, or helpful (and is helpful just another side of the judgmental coin?), or outraged, or resigned?


I’m sort of exhausted by all of this self-censoring for facebook. So, I went into the archives looking for a comic that really really couldn’t be posted on facebook, at least according to their idiotic nudity standards, i.e. men’s chests are okay, but women, not so much. I really disagree.