Breastfeeding Dad!

I’ve been thinking about this comic a lot today. First, because one of the mothers who was around in the days that inspired this comic, came by and said hello to me. We hadn’t seen each other in about 6 years, but back then would meet at a park once a week to talk and let the kids play. Most of the mothers (except me) had that lovely mixture of enormous breasts and nursing rambunctious toddlers which makes a nipple sighting highly probable. One mother always sent her husband to the park with their toddler, so she could work from home in peace, he would sit and chat just like one of the ladies and never ever even batted an eye when he would get an ‘eyeful’ of that scourge of civilization, a breast. I’ve seen that he has a copy of this comic on his refrigerator.

Also, because there’s a transgender father who is lobbying to become a La Leche League Leader, something that he is probably not qualified to do, because he self-identifies as a father, albeit a breastfeeding one. story hereBut isn’t it awesome that he’s breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and so grateful to the help he received in his new role as mother/father that he wants to share and help others. It’s a complicated story with no easy answers, but I do know this, breastfeeding and attachment parenting are too important to only be embraced by mothers, we need fathers to see it as important too, that will make everything easier… Oh, and if you want to read some interesting, caring, thought provoking comments to this article go here:  probably don’t read the comments below the story that I linked to above, they’ll be anything but caring and thought-provoking.

This comic is from 2007, I’m getting ready to work on the second volume of comics from 2007 and then the Birth of Hathor e-book that I promised you for your membership ;o)