Hit First.

While sitting in Pandora’s sand box:

Girl shouts, “Mommieeee! She won’t play right and I want to hit her!”

Other Girl shouts in response, “Mommieeee! She’s gonna hit me so I want to hit her first!”

Hathor says, “Seems like I spend all my time trying to resolve conflicts of children.”

Baby thinks, “What? Is there another peace march?”

Hathor’s sign reads, “If ‘Hit first’ is the solution then I’ve got a lot of explaining to do to my kids.”

Eldest Daughter’s sign reads, “No war!”




Eldest Daughter says, “You are being a butthead! And if you don’t stop I’m gonna put you in time out!”

Hathor thinks, “The ultimate test of one’s principles is to have your superior might challenged by someone so small.”

Baby thinks, “She’s right. You were being a butthead.”


“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” -Gandhi


Make your own: Mommy Meditation Motto

All you need:





Decorate with glitter, paint and rhinestones. You are a goddess, after all.