Hathor says: Made a scrolling movie box and a pair of binoculars that sight a fire-breathing dragon and sang and wrote a book about an adventure and illustrated it and built a wooden doll bed and planned to make bedding and built a go-cart and careened down and …

baby thinks: Listened to cinderella, acted as a fitting-model, put on wings and danced all around and took photos of my feet and sat on the table and drew funny faces…

Hathor adds: Played little chicks all afternoon and then doggies and listened to shakespeare and wrote plays and memorized the cities of central america and swim and dance and … and…an..

middle daughter says: made a big sculpture out of clay and wire and started a rock band and played my guitar and dressed up and wrote a song and finger-knitted a belt to hold the wooden sword I made…

eldest daughter says: sewed a mermaid tail for sister, started a fashion show, turned it into a play about the castle and then filmed a movie about befriending a dragon and made lunch and made thee origami birds and a bird cage to put them in…

radio says: homeschoolers need to be regulated…

hathor says: Puh-LEAse! REGULATED? we LIKE being irregular!



This is our house!
Oh Yeah!
Our tiny little house!
Yes it is!
I gave birth over there!
Yeah! Yeah!
We sleep over here!
Oh Yes we do!
We Dance everywhere Oh yes we do!
We learn everywhere!
We really do!
Breastfeed everywhere!
Oh yeah you do!
yeah yeah!
We learn everywhere!
Indeed we do!
Breastfeed and dance over there!
we dance everywhere!

If I can’t dance I don’t want your revolution. –Emma Goldman