Editor of a big magazine

This was based on this article, Uh oh! I hear sirens going off at Breastapo HQ as I reach for the bottle by Lorraine Candy

She’s the editor of Elle magazine and what with the cushy 6 month maternity leave and the 5 months of breastfeeding, you’d think she’d be a little more empathetic to her fellow breastfeeding moms. BUT, not only does she talk about the breastapo, but also says that breastfeeding is “the rule of martial (I mean maternal) law?” She does make sense in a couple of places, but most of it just reads like a defense for her decision to wean, but who is on the attack? Not me, that’s between you and your baby. After all, convincing someone to breastfeed is the goal; convincing them to like it better, or convincing them to do it longer than the median age of weaning, or convincing them to take it to the next level and pump at work , those are more difficult, more complicated convince-ings. We can lead a horse to water, but really can’t make it drink. (and no, I’m not calling Ms. Candy a horse, no name calling here ;o) So anyway, please if you’re making the decision to wean and go back to work and you feel angry, sad, or defensive about it, let’s talk about that. That would be helpful to hear. But, don’t compare breastfeeding mothers to Nazis, the comparison is unkind, unfair and not useful. And hey, you used to be one of us.


We’re still following the comic progression through my second daughter’s life, this is 2004, she’s three here. She’s the only child that I drew about her weaning. It’s not that they don’t wean, it’s just that it’s not very funny (to me at the time) But, the interesting part about weaning is that when you are in the middle it seems to drastic, and saddening, and so full of loss, but then on the other side you realize that it’s fine, you still have all the love and connection, and maybe more ways to connect, because you have to get creative. She stopped nursing at 3 years 1 months. the youngest of all my babies.