The Best Breastfeeding Comic of 2009!

We’re 7 years in and still going strong, you’ll notice that in 2009 there’s no more Hathor, but Mama is turning out pretty cool.

In 2009  I had my fourth baby, Ean, and created what my friend Kathleen says is the best birth story, ever. I published Simply Give Birth and did a blog book tour about it and then just made a whole slew of comics. I think I was published in a whole bunch of magazines, but I forgot to update my resume after 2008, sigh. I guess we’ll never know.

But, I bet you know THIS comic, hugely popular and particularly fitting right now: 

The Best Breastfeeding Comic of 2008!

2008 was most notable for its huge pile of birth comics, looking back I see that I seriously had the I-wanna-have-a-baby-now syndrome. Oh and let’s see, that’s right, Ean was born in March of 2009, funny that. In 2008 I created something like 85 comics, I spoke at the Trust Birth Conference, and published the book: Zines, Slings, and Other D.I.Y. Things I also started editing the book Simply Give Birth and that took a while… and then around August of the year I quit doing Hathor the Cowgoddess comics and started doing Mama Is… same kind of idea just without the cow mask. Lots of you were disappointed, many many more of you said, It’s about time.





Facebook banned me for 24 hours…

…We were having a lovely discussion too and right in the middle of World Breastfeeding Week, and then BAM! apparently Humanicum Breastfeedicus has a bit too much nipple? I’d like to posit that it’s a hand-drawn nipple, a really small nipple, a black and white nipple, a completely non-sexual nipple, an editorializing nipple, and the-nipple-is-the-whole- point-of-what-I’m-saying- nipple. But, also, damn, I remembered not to post comics with nipples at the beginning of the week and then yesterday forgot, so it’s also an I-forgot-there-was-a-nipple.

So, what I’m saying is, see you on Facebook at the end of the day, and in a little while I’ll post the Best Comic of 2008! Yippeee!!!




ps. my new friend Julie wrote this post about me getting banned ;o)



The Best Breastfeeding Comic of 2007!

Ah, 2007! At least 150 comics, my comics were printed in a couple of magazines, and a review of my work was written up on world (by a friend, I must admit ;o) I also, drumroll please, won an award for BEST PARENTING BLOGGER, from the Blogger’s Choice Awards a group that had a lot of sway back in 2007. I swear it meant something at the time, at least to me ;o)

Just this year I took the first half of 2007 and published it into an ebook that you can by here for kindle: Hathor the Cowgoddess, Year 2007 vol. no.1 and here for iPad: Hathor the Cowgoddess, Year 2007 vol. no.1

Here’s my comic choice for that year…