90 days.

this comic is actually related to a conversation on Stephen Colbert the other night. Yes, I watch it every single night. I love it more than every other show, except for Jon Stewart. He’s my other favorite. My new mostly favorite show that I like to watch is Roseanne’s Nuts. But, I digress, none of this stuff has anything to do with parenting. At least not really, but occasionally I glean a gem, like during Gloria Steinam’s interview on Stephen’s show the other night. Nothing was said particularly surprising. Just that men should do more than half of all childcare to make up for the year that women HAVE to spend on a baby. Stephan reminded Gloria that it was only 9 months to make a baby, and Gloria made it clear that she adds 3 months to that for nursing. Then, apparently, pthbbbbt, mom is outta there. Done, finished, the men can take it from there.

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