Co-sleeping is the Practice of…

…Since sleeping with babe is starting to be in the news again:
Babies’ stress levels double if they’re put straight in a cot after birth (of course this one is just as much about separation after birth, just a business as usual thing at most hospitals)

Should babies’ cosleep with their parents?

I thought I’d replay a few co-sleeping comics and thoughts from the past, this one from May 2008, first a post I wrote:


Hathor: “You say in this article that “co-sleeping is the practice of sleeping in the same bed, couch or chair with an infant.””
other unseen person:”yep.”
Hathor: ” I co-sleep and I’ve never heard such an expanded definition…”
other unseen person: “it’s all in the proximity.”
Hathor: “Would you call sharing a roller-coaster car co-sleeping?”
other unseen person: “If they slept during it, yes.”
Hathor: “What about bunjee-jumping is bunjee-jumping with an infant ever ‘co-sleeping’?”
other unseen person:”if they’re snoozing certainly”
Hathor: “So you’ve basically co-opted the word ‘co-sleeping’ to sell some kind of agenda?”
other unseen person: “Well, cribs, um…I mean agendas don’t sell themselves”
Hathor:”I suppose the first one to write the wikipedia entry wins”

co-sleeping is the practice of mothers sleeping beside their infants to facilitate breastfeeding….

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